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Casino Features

Fully Licenced

Safe, secure, and trusted. Sloticate will be licenced with Curacao, Isle of Man, and Ontario Licences.

Proprietary Payment Gateway

Sloticate’s Payment Gateway ensures increased security, faster payouts, and reduced payment fees.

World-class Casino Games

Choose from a variety of the best online casino games from the top game providers.

Multiple Currencies

Deposit and withdraw your winnings with SLOTS, fiat money, or cryptocurrency – the choice is yours!

Build your Syndicate

Invite friends, level up, and compete against other Syndicates to increase your ranking on the leaderboard. Notoriety and big wins grab the limelight!

Security & Responsibility

Player Protection and Responsible Play features include a reachable on-screen Panic Button to protect the player.

Project Overview

Sloticate is the world’s first Web3 social online casino platform. We’re connecting players worldwide to Play Together, Win Together and join our global community.

Our casino offers a number of innovative social gamification features that give players a safe and fun interactive space to play their favourite online casino games and win real money.  

With our intuitive chat UI, players can truly feel the experience of a social casino by using an abundance of immersive player interaction features at their disposal.

Create, promote, and fully customise your Slot Syndicate  – the sky’s the limit! Level up and compete against other Slot Syndicates as you climb up the global leaderboard and earn bragging rights.

… or watch and interact with live games hosted by other Slot Syndicates on our public launchpad. We’re welcoming players across the world to play and have fun in our global online casino.


Ready to Create a Winning Team?

Invite friends to create, name, and fully customise your Slot Syndicate!

Choose the value and the number of spins. With each game, every Slot Syndicate member will contribute to the bankroll and receive their share of the profits. Wait for other players to join your publicly-listed game, or better yet, join and stake in someone else’s Slot Syndicate.

Ready to Create a Winning Team?

Invite your friends to create, name and fully customise your Syndicate!

Choose the value and the number of spins. With each game, every syndicate member will contribute their share to the bankroll and receive their share of the profits.Wait for other players to join your publicly-listed game, or better yet join and stake in someone else’s syndicate.

Social Casino Experience

We are bringing social gambling and all its benefits to the online world with a proprietary platform that gives players extra entertainment and creates more engaged and longer-active players.


Step 1

Choose your slot

Step 2

Set your terms

Step 3

3. Create your Slot Syndicate

Step 4

Share your Slot Syndicate

Step 5

Sit back and enjoy!

Create Your Slot Syndicate

Sloticate’s proprietary platform invigorates the iGaming space and reimagines how people gamble online by creating and joining Slot Syndicates

Playing slots used to be a lonely experience until now. Share the joy instead by following these simple steps:

Choose which slots you want to play. Search from our extensive library of games provided by the biggest game providers.

Choose the number of spins and the value of spins that will aggregate the game’s bankroll. Each player can choose how much they will stake in the game by percentage or amount.

Customise your Slot Syndicate’s settings. Choose whether to list your syndicate publicly for other players to join, or keep your syndicate private (with users requiring a unique PIN to join). Sloticate allows players to easily share their Syndicate invitations on their favourite social media accounts.

Invite friends or let other Sloticate members join your public Slot Syndicate listed on our live launchpad.

Once your Slot Syndicate is ready to start, sit back and enjoy as Sloticate’s AI spins the slots for you. Share the excitement with our intuitive Chat UI that offers video chat, animated emojis, animated screen effects, memes, and more for you and your Syndicate members to use.


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