Our plan to build a diverse, global community is reflected in the Sloticate team. We are proud to have an international and culturally diverse workforce that brings 30+ years of experience in iGaming. Our skill set includes deep expertise in B2C & B2B marketing, and cryptocurrency.


Ahmet Celebi

‘A seasoned iGaming professional and visionary moving the industry forward’

Ahmet Celebi

Chief Executive Officer

Ahmet has 14+ years of experience in the iGaming industry, having worked, consulted, and led projects for several high-profile companies such as BetVictor, Betway, and QueenVegas. He has accumulated a diverse wealth of consulting experience, management experience, and affiliate marketing experience. Ahmet’s track record of delivering success to companies includes forming sponsorship deals, raising revenue, and kickstarting online casinos. Ahmet’s broad industry experience extends to cryptocurrency and has been the Head of Affiliate Marketing at BC.GAME and Kriptomat.

Ahmet is a forward thinker and identified very early that the iGaming industry was lacking innovation. Since then, he embarked on his mission to deliver a first-of-its-kind social online casino to the world. Using his solid network within both industries, Ahmet oversees all operations of Sloticate that will promise to deliver the best online casino experience.



‘Obsessively goal-focussed and an innovative thinker in the face of change’

Adam Lurie

Chief Marketing Officer

Adam has 7+ years of B2B and B2C marketing experience and has managed large sales teams for fortune 500 companies across the United States such as Samsung and Wayfair. An approved Marketing Incubator and veteran AMA host, Adam’s experience in the cryptocurrency industry is also vast, having led many projects toward achieving successful pre-sales and launches on CEXes and DEXes.

Adam now brings his wealth of marketing and sales expertise as the Chief Marketing Officer of Sloticate. Known for his out-of-the-box thinking and practical decision-making based on real-world experience, Adam’s mindset is an asset to the successful execution of Sloticate’s marketing strategies and promotional campaigns.

Bruno Rodrigues

Chief Technology Officer

Bruno is an adept software development manager and has worked in a variety of industries in Portugal, London, and Malta. From advertising, streaming services, and iGaming to FinTech and Fortune 500 companies, Bruno has spent 15+ years working in the tech industry and has 8+ years of experience in the iGaming industry.

Throughout his career, Bruno has gained a deep understanding of developing and implementing successful technology strategies that drive growth. He has successfully scaled up teams and improved the operations of engineering departments, alongside managing software developers, QA engineers, DevOps, and Scrum masters. As the new CTO of Sloticate, Bruno brings his extensive experience in technology and leadership to the company. He brings his vast international experience to Sloticate and is responsible for overseeing the company’s technology vision and strategy.

Bruno Rodrigues

‘An engineer who’s unafraid of pushing technological boundaries to the next level’

Roy Yeung

Head of Design

Roy is a highly qualified creative design specialist with comprehensive marketing experience across the UK and Malta in design operations management, product marketing, art direction, and brand. During past operations with several multinational and global B2B and B2C, Roy played instrumental roles in the development of high-level rebranding, product marketing strategies, creative direction, and elevating brand equity whilst supporting business growth.Roy thrives in an international cross-cultural environment and loves to inspire and empower individuals to collaborate across the business. He’s found the perfect home as Sloticate’s Head of Design, and will lead the direction of our brand and casino’s design.


Roy Yeung

‘Vision without design is merely a dream…’


‘Anna Maria doesn’t just think outside the box, but rather rebuilds the box from scratch.’

Anna Maria

Lead Designer

Anna is an accomplished designer, illustrator, and creative from Sweden.
Anna’s in-vogue designs and unique style of work have led her to work for a wide range of companies in the cryptocurrency space. Over the last 15 years, Anna has been integral to the curation of companies’ brand books, brand identity, NFT art, and website designs. Along the way, she won 3 awards at the 2022 Crypto Expo in Dubai for Best Metaverse Project and Best NFT Marketplace. As Sloticate’s Lead Designer, Anna is responsible for the creative output across all of our online platforms. She prides herself in her visual storytelling, versatility, and room to constantly learn and incorporate the latest trends into her work.



‘Highly driven to succeed in the pursuit of excellence’

Mark Julian Borg

Senior Graphic Designer

Mark is an award-winning creative, creative director, and design consultant based in Malta with over 14+ years of professional experience. He has led the creative direction for numerous businesses and consulting firms, with his work winning multiple international and local awards including the GameDev Challenge and the DesignFirms Branding Award in 2011. Mark prides himself on his results-oriented approach to conceptualizing high-quality digital and print assets.

As Senior Graphic Designer for Sloticate, Mark brings a wealth of creative expertise and design skills to the team. He will be coordinating with the marketing team to deliver a variety of media for each respective market that will engage Sloticate’s global community.

Rhythy Quin

Head of Community

Rhythy is a New Media & Communication Ph.D. who specialises in social media management, copywriting, and community management. A Russell Group graduate, he has previously worked as a community and social media manager for tech companies including ByteDance and Lilith Games. Rhythy has a natural passion for creating and publishing creative content. As Head of Community for Sloticate, he is responsible for managing all of Sloticate’s social media channels, executing campaign strategies, and growing the Sloticate community through active engagement.

Rhythy Quin

‘A proud jack of all trades in the creative space’

Ludvig Möller

Community Manager

Ludvig has been helping grow NFT projects from small startups to blossoming established names in a short span of time. Previously the COO of Nyolings, he helped the project become the number 1 trending NFT on OpenSea with them selling out in minutes. Ludvig has a knack for building and managing communities, assisting projects to gain thousands of followers and experiencing organic growth. As Sloticate’s Community Manager, Ludvig will provide valuable expertise in server management, administration, security, and scaling the Sloticate community.



‘Has a keen eye for maximising product potential’

Adam Razzak

'Impeccable trading acumen in the crypto space'

Adam Razzak

Marketing Manager

Adam has been a community manager for multiple blockchain platforms including Tectum and DMC. He has been involved in the crypto space for 3 years as a consulting manager and profitable trader having demonstrated success in trading, analysing, and advising projects. Adam has achieved an impeccable 100% win rate in the past two months and has not fallen below 73% in the past two years. His wide portfolio includes tokens such as Streamer Inu which appreciated in value six times during the first week. As Sloticate’s Community Manager, Adam will leverage his exclusive network in crypto to grow Sloticate’s brand recognition and form major strategic partnerships.

Dayem Qazi

‘Lives and breathes community building’

Dayem Qazi

Social Media Specialist

Dayem is an online content creator, B2B sales manager, social media specialist, and social media manager. He has helped grow 100,000 followers combined across a number of Web3 platforms on TikTok through strategised marketing, influencer collaborations, and community management. For the past 2 years, Dayem has worked in the crypto space helping high-profile NFT projects achieve substantial growth in social media growth, engagement, and influence. As Sloticate’s Marketing Specialist, he brings Web3 expertise and a robust network that will drive Sloticate’s community growth.

Anou Khamtan

Full Stack Developer

It’s fair to say that Anou knows a thing or two about blockchain, having worked in the industry for the bulk of his professional career. An engineering graduate from the National University of Singapore, Anou has since worked as a Full Stack Developer with over 3+ years of experience building website UI from frontend to backend, creating and deploying tokens for various companies, and building high-profile NFT projects such as AKCB. Anou’s experience and contributions in this space will be invaluable to Sloticate’s entry to Web3.


Anou Khamtan

‘A seasoned and self-motivated blockchain full stack developer who only accepts perfect results’

Taha Ghasemi

Full Stack Developer

Taha has been a senior software engineer and developer with over 6+ years of experience in frontend and backend development. He has built infrastructures for companies in a variety of fields to turn their vision into reality, from online gaming to brokerage firms and cryptocurrency exchanges. Taha brings a necessary depth of experience in leading projects, and team members, and finding the best solution to problems. As Sloticate’s Full Stack Developer, he will play an integral role in creating the infrastructure of our casino.


Taha Ghasemi

‘Blockchain enthusiast and continuous learner’


Sloticate has a team of seasoned industry professionals with over 50 years of combined experience and expertise across Commercial, Regulatory, Technology, R&D, Recruitment-People-Talent & Culture, Payments & Banking.

Sloticate will leverage its extensive network of figures within the iGaming and cryptocurrency industry to further form strategic partnerships that will help guide Sloticate into becoming the number 1 social online casino. Token allocations will be made to advisors who bring significant value to the platform’s growth.



‘Wields robust business acumen and deep financial business network’

Timo Trippler

Fundraising Advisor

Timo Trippler is the CEO of Fundraise Capital FCAS UG based in Germany and the CEO of He is an expert in financial markets and risk management with 12 years of experience in financial transactions. Timo has been working in the blockchain industry since 2015 and has advised various successful ICO projects as well as managed multiple crypto fund portfolios.Timo uses his business network to raise funds from institutional Investors, Family Offices, Venture Capital, and Private Equity companies. He is currently connected to more than 300 institutional Investors around the world. Timo often travels to Blockchain summits and conferences to meet new investors and expand his fundraising network.


Tony Drummond

'Helping Web3 founders launch their next big idea'

Tony Drummond

Tokenomics Advisor

Tony’s diverse 20-year business career spans roles in equipment operation, software engineering, customer service, project management, sales, marketing, operations, and executive leadership. He has consulted for small businesses and several multi-billion dollar corporations, driving millions in annualised savings. He’s known within the blockchain space as the co-founder and former CEO/CTO of MicroPets, which scaled from a $550K to $207MM market cap valuation in three weeks, attracting 70,000+ community members. His company, Moonbound Consulting, serves start-up founders in their Web3 efforts, helping them avoid painful mistakes he openly shares while leveraging his diverse knowledge base to realise their own success.


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